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NO SMOKING Essential Oil


NO SMOKING Essential Oil Blend with Bamboo ‘Cigarette’, Quit Smoking Support, Stop Smoking Naturally, Cease Smoking, Kick the Habit!
NO SMOKING aromatherapy blend is formulated utilizing studies that show certain essential oils reduced the level of nicotine craving.
Here are examples of such studies:

The aroma of NO SMOKING pure essential oil blend is reminiscent of cigarette smoke to help curb your cravings with aromatherapy.

The reusable Wild/Organic Bamboo Straw acts as a “mock cigarette”, giving your fingers and mouth their routine, to help make it easier for you to kick the smoking habit and be successful at quitting! (Order the KIT to receive the oil blend AND the bamboo cig-straw).

The ritual of having something to hold, to put in your mouth, and the motions of taking a ‘drag’ and inhaling, are a huge part of the smoking habit, and is one main reason that many people find it hard to quit smoking without replacing the “hand to mouth” habit! The bamboo straw is the perfect size to fill that need, at 3″ to 3.5″ long, and the approximate diameter of a cigarette


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